Raien is known as the Nation of the Angelic King for a number of reasons. Though King Sarten Ofeal has never claimed to be anything more than a man, many people see his tolerance and desire for prosperity and love as signs that he is truly more than a man.

Raien is one of the least racist cities on the southern part of Narsaria. Though mainly human, tieflings and aasimars are treated as equals in the eyes of the law and the king. The only thing that makes a being worthy of lesser treatment of undesirably behaviour. Raien’s laws are built on King Sarten’s morals more than on traditional ethics. There are no executions, but strong efforts to liberate the fallen from a life of sin.

Religion is very important in Raien. Though the King and most of his knights are followers of Iomedea, any good god and some lawful-neutral ones are encouraged to be worshiped.

Raien has strong trade relations with Etenial, Cadilistine, Lunaris, Cosaria, and Siean Mount, but refuses to do business with Cry’Anne and Kera Maga because of their reputations. Raien also has political relations with Chai’Tae, but not trade relations.. Most trade is either done by Tibrus Saren and his ships, or though Mercoil like Serin Kovic.


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